Demo 15

by Povarotti

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Artwork By Richard Nerdgore @artofnerdgore
Recorded at the Shed in Windsor by Mark Perry


released June 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Povarotti Brisbane, Australia

Hardcore/Grind from Brisbane.
Formed from the ashes of the Dugong Punx
Povarotti formed to bite heads shit pants and chug beer.

Split with "Grudge!" coming mid 2017

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Track Name: Hate Letter
My Name is Mohammad thrown in a cupboard forced to sleep on the floor

No windows locked doors silence my refuge why was I born at all

My fear i hide from the darkness inside and the creatures that lurk down the halls

Ive failed my familly still live in terror why was I born at all

Why was I born at all
Track Name: E.G.F.G.
You bow down to what the say

you cower in dismay

Now there's a great divide take your side there's no reason people need to die

say that you hate me
my life you despise
we've never even met
and we're enemies for life
Track Name: Surf's Up
Surf's up asshole

Cooly Kids, Cabba crew, Palmy army
Track Name: No Way Out
Once my hero i didn't understand

What he had done had made him quiet not a man

Followed him closely for years ans years

Every single song made my hair stand in fear

Now that Im older Im trying to understand

Why he left his friends and family in demand

of a lover a father a lover a friend

never lay down with your head in the sand

It the thing that you said to me about your family so i left i couldn't stand the rules or the hypocrisy

so i left i couldn't stand your shit i couldn't take no more no you've gone and lost your one and only son

not about you
Track Name: Eternal Struggle
Those who can see me fear me with good reason

if you where to dream me no dream nightmares

nothing ever seems to effect and i show no regret

i just want to neglect, this world for what it is let it burn

look out for me number one

nothing will change i will stay the until the day i die and i rot away

Those who can see me fear me with good reason

if you where to dream me no dream an eternal fucking nightmare

my hand was forced, your fate is set
soon you'll be on your deathbed with a face full of led and a mind of regret